Thank you!

I have gotten a lot of feedback from this mini collection. Thank you all for taking the time out to view this collection. I have spent a lot of time planning and finding inspiration for this collection. My inspiration was a mix of things: Rocks, leather, armor and transparency. I have put in a lot of hours and it has payed off. But it wont stop here! My second collection is coming and it will sooner than you think!

My second collection will be an EVENING COLLECTION INCLUDING MY DEBUT Jewelry COLLECTION OF "DOLLY DIAMONDS"and have about 7 models and Many looks,  Most of the models will be out on the runway 2 - 3 times (everyone gets there shine). On my 3rd collection I'll probably have about 15-20 models....but thats in the very future..

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

The first collection is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. I am in love with the ruffle gown that is see through. I wish Stardoll were really selling it in Starplaza.

Gabby1822 said...
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Anonymous said...

Lawl I love you work!! You have no idea how much your youtube videos have helped me :]